Fall 2012 French Course Schedule

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Undergraduate Courses

CourseTitleInstructorEnroll #DaysTimeLocation
1Elementary FrenchROBERTS S C22046MTRW1:00-1:50 PMPHELPS 1445
ROBERTS S C22053MTRW10-10:50 AMPHELPS 1445
ROBERTS S C22061MTRW2:00-2:50 PMHSSB 1224
ROBERTS S C22079MTRW1:00-1:50 PMGIRV 1115
ROBERTS S C22087MTRW9:00-9:50 AMHSSB 1224
2Elementary FrenchROBERTS S C22095MTRW11-11:50 AMHSSB 1224
ROBERTS S C22103MTRW2:00-2:50 PMHSSB 1211
3Elementary FrenchROBERTS S C22129MTRW11-11:50 AMHSSB 1207
4Elementary FrenchROBERTS S C22137MTRW11-11:50 AMPHELPS 1448
ROBERTS S C22145MTRW3-3:50 PMGIRV 2112
ROBERTS S C22152MTRW9:00-9:50 AMHSSB 1211
5Intermediate FrenchROBERTS S C22160MTRW11-11:50 AMPHELPS 1444
6Intermediate FrenchNESCI C50237TR /W9:30-10:45 AM/ 10:00-10:50 AMSH 1609/HSSB 1231
26Advanced French CompositionNESCI C22186TR/W12:30-1:45 PM/12:00-12:50 PMBLDG 387 103/ PHELPS 3505
101ALiterary and Cultural AnalysisBROWN C J22202MW11:00 AM-12:15 PMPHELPS 5309
101BLiterary and Cultural AnalysisSKENAZI E C22210TR9:30-10:45 AMPHELPS 1508
104 BWriting the SelfPRIETO E L52845TR11:00 AM-12:15 PMPHELPS 1508
148EAge of Louis XIVTOBIN R W52860MWF12:00-12:50 PMPHELPS 1508
153AMedieval Literature in TranslationBROWN C J52878MW9:30-10:45 AMPHELPS 1508
153DFantasy and the FantasticJULLIEN D M22236TR11:00 AM-12:15 PMBUCHANAN 1940
153ENegative ThinkingSTURM E22244MW3:30-4:45 PMSH 1431
154AVoyages to the UnknownSKENAZI E C52886TR12:30-1:45 PMBUCHANAN 1940
198French Honors SeminarJULLIEN D M52894R2:00-4:50 PMSH 1609
Graduate Seminars
CourseTitleInstructorEnroll #DaysTimeLocation
229FModernismJULLIEN D M52902R2:00-4:50 PMSH 1609
Instructor Approval Codes

Please use these codes when enrolling for courses with individualized instruction in French.

Dr. Brown - 23 Dr. Enders - 08 Dr. Jullien - 02
Dr. Maleuvre - 07 Dr. Maurseth - 03 Dr. Nesci - 42
Dr. Prieto - 09 Dr. Schultz - 16 Dr. Skenazi - 06


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