S U B S T A N C E 102

Volume 32, number 3, 2003 [Full Text*]

The Politics of French Literary History
Guest Editors:
Richard J. Golsan & Ruth Larson
Richard J. Golsan & Ruth Larson

Revisiting A New History of
French Literature

D. Hollier interviewed by Golsan & Larson

The Politics of French Literary History
In the US and France Today
Richard J. Golsan

Céline: The Success of the
Monstre Sacré in Postwar France
Nicholas Hewitt

Paul Morand: The Paradoxes of “Revision”
Marc Dambre

Of Books, Bombs, and Backward
Thinking: Jean Dutourd’s Reactionary
Literary History
Ralph Schoolcraft

What the Nazis Saw:
Les Mouches in Occupied Paris
Allan Stoekl

“Une voiture peut en cacher une autre”:
Twentieth-Century Women Writers Read George Sand
Melanie Hawthorne

Passages Beyond the Resistance: Char’s Seules demeurent
And its Harmonics in Semprun and Foucault
Van Kelly

Michel Leiris: Race, Poetry, Politics:
Rereading the Mission Lucas
Ruth Larson

The Anti-Colonial Archive:
France and Africa’s Unfinished Business
Phyllis Taoua

Burton, Richard D.E. Blood in the City: Violence and
Revelation in Paris, 1789-1945
Reviewed by Allan Stoekl

Cone, Michèle. French Modernisms: Perspectives on Art
Before, During, and After Vichy.

Reviewed by Peter Schulman

Eng, David L. and David Kazajian, eds. Loss: The Politics
of Mourning.

Reviewed by Naomi Mandel

Lecarme, Jacques. Drieu la Rochelle ou le bal des maudits.
Reviewed by Richard J. Golsan

Moscovici, Claudia. Double Dialectics: Between Universalism
and Relativism in Enlightenment and Postmodern Thought.

Reviewed by Downing Thomas

*The full text is available through your library’s subscription to Project MUSE


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