• Lecturer
  • Italian Studies
  • Distinguished Professor of French

Distinguished Professor of French
Affiliate of Comparative Literature
Affiliate of Film Studies
Affiliate of Medieval Studies Program

  • Phelps 5325
  • Lecturer
  • Italian Studies
  • Lecturer
  • Italian Studies
  • Distinguished Professor
  • Director of The Public Speaking Initiative

Distinguished Professor of French and Theater

Director, The Public Speaking Initiative
Affiliate of the Department of English
Affiliate of Medieval Studies Program

  • Lecturer
  • Italian Studies
  • Phelps 5328
  • Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Italian Studies
Director of Italian Program & Italian Undergraduate Studies

  • Phelps 5324
  • Professor

Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Director, Graduate Center for Literary Studies

  • Lecturer
  • French Studies
  • Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of French 

  • Graduate Student

PH.D. Program

  • Professor and Chair

Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Affiliated with the Center for Film, Television & New Media

  • (805) 893-2220
  • Phelps 5214, Chair's Office
  • Lecturer
  • French Studies
  • Phelps Hall 5213
Catherine Nesci
  • Professor
  • & Chair
  • Comparative Literature

Professor of French, affiliated with Comparative Literature & Feminist Studies

  • Phelps 5218
  • Lecturer
  • Italian Studies

Coordinator Italian Language Program

  • Phelps 5331
  • Lecturer
  • Italian Studies
  • Lecturer
  • French Studies
  • Phelps Hall 5216
  • Lecturer
  • French Studies and Associate Director
  • Humanities and Fine Arts Curricular Initiatives

Nineteenth-century French literature

  • Phelp Hall 5320
  • Professor

Professor of French
Affiliate in Comparative Literature
Director of Graduate Studies

  • Phelps 5317
  • Graduate Student

PH.D. Program

  • Lecturer
  • French Studies
  • Lecturer
  • Italian Studies
  • Sr. Lecturer

Coordinator for French Language Program
Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment
Supervisor of the French Language Program
Undergraduate Advisor

  • Professor

Professor of French
Affiliate in Comparative Literature
Affiliate in Renaissance Studies

  • Professor

Professor of Italian Studies

  • Research Professor

Professor of French

  • Phelps 5315
  • Lecturer
  • French Studies
  • Phelps Hall 5211

Affiliated Faculty

Peter Bloom
Ellison 4715

Specializing in French and Francophone cinema and society, Peter Bloom's interests range from the history of film technologies, narratives of body techniques, avant-garde and experimental movements, to contemporary film and media in Europe and Africa. Click here to learn more about Peter Bloom.

Susan Derwin
Phelps 6325

Susan Derwin is a professor of German and Slavic Studies at UC Santa Barbara. She works in the fields of Holocaust studies and nineteenth- and twentieth-century narrative, with an emphasis on memoir, testimony, psychoanalytic theory, and the American and European novel. Click here to learn more about Susan Derwin.

Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi
Ellison 2714

Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi is a professor of Sociology here at UC Santa Barbara. Her focuses include culture, political/historical sociology, and Western European studies. Click here to learn more about Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi.

Sharon A. Farmer
HSSB 4239

Sharon A. Farmer is a professor of History at UC Santa Barbara. Her focuses include medieval women and gender, medieval towns, medieval poor, and relations between western Europe and the east. Click here to learn more about Sharon A. Farmer.

David Marshall
CH 2127

David Marshall is the Executive Vice Chancellor and professor of English and Comparative Literature at UC Santa Barbara. He was a professor at Yale University for 18 years, where he served as Chair of the English Department, Director of The Literature Major, Acting Chair of Comparative Literature, and Director of the Whitney Humanities Center, among other appointments. Click here to learn more about David Marshall.

Elisabeth Weber
Phelps 6328

Elisabeth Weber is a professor of German and Slavic Studies and Comparative Literature at UC Santa Barbara. Weber's research interests and publications include the following: French philosophy and theory; psychoanalysis and trauma-studies; German Judaism of the nineteenth- and twentieth-centuries; nineteenth- and twentieth century German literature. Click here to learn more about Elisabeth Weber.


Emeriti Faculty

  • William J. Ashby Ph.D., University of Michigan (Romance Linguistics)
  • Jean-Jacques Courtine, Doctorat d'Etat de linguistique, Université de Paris X (Linguistics and Cultural Studies)
  • Anne G. Cushing, Ph.D., University of Colorado (20th-century poetry)
  • Angela Ellis, M.A., University of Bologna
  • Naomi Greene, Ph.D., New York University (20th-century literature, film studies, Artaud)
  • Harry Lawton, M.A., B. Litt, Oxford University (Italian literature and film)
  • Sydney Lévy, Ph.D., UC Irvine (Contemporary French poetry, literary theory, fantastic literature, science and literature)
  • Jack Murray, Ph.D., Yale University (20th-century literature and literary theory)
  • Jacqueline Simons, Diplome d'etudes supérieures (pedagogy, second-language acquistion)
  • Ronald W. Tobin, Ph.D., Princeton University (17th-century literature, theater, gastronomy studies)

Graduate Student Information


Graduates of our program since 2005 have gone on to full-time positions at the following institutions: Azusa Pacific University; Centre College; Haverford College; Harvard University; Missouri Southern State University; Rice University; Southwestern University; SUNY Brockport; University of Colorado, Boulder; University of Hawai'i; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; University of Miami; University of Mississippi, Oxford; West Point. For more alumni placement data, click here.

Recent Ph.D. Dissertations

August 2016

Eliza Smith
Literary Slumming: Argot and Fiction in Nineteenth-Century French Culture
Co-Directors: Dominique Jullien and Catherine Nesci
June 2016
S.C. Kaplan
Transmission of Knowledge to and between Women in 15th-Century France: Agnes de Bourgogne's Education and Library
Director: Cynthia Brown
May 2014
Anneliese Pollock
Woman Transformed: Images of Women in French Vernacular Translations at the Dawn of the Renaissance
Director: Cynthia Brown
June 2012

Aurelie Chevant
Not My Father’s Tongue: Traditions, Mediations, and Conflicts in the Vietnamese Contemporary Novel in French
Co-Directors: Professors Catherine Nesci & Eric Prieto

Karen Turman
The Marginality Behind the Marginality: Gypsies and Jazz Dancers in Bohemian Paris
Director: Professor Dominique Jullien

December 2012

Katy Adair Corbin
Séverine, Colette, Andrée Viollis: Three Women Writers and the Daily Press in Third-Republic France
Director: Professor Catherine Nesci

August 2012

Michelle Kendall
Staged Identity: Martinican and Guadeloupian Theatre
Director: Professor Eric Prieto

March 2012

Christophe Corbin
Fiction and Ordinary Heroes in the Service of the Nation. A Cultural History of the French Resistance
Director: Professor Dominique Jullien

September 2011

Art Kölzow
Equality and Liberty in the Materialist Moral Philosophy of the French Enlightenment
Director: Professor Anne Maurseth

August 2011

Claudio dell'Oca
Les enjeux des rencontres performatives dans les représentations des banlieues: Du détournement à la contamination des genres
Director: Professor Eric Prieto

Julien Guillemet
Jeux de hasard et libertinage
Director: Professor Ronald W. Tobin

July 2011

Maryam Emami
Écriture d'exilées. Reconstructions identitaires et témoignages à travers la langue seconde et l'image visuelle
Director: Professor Catherine Nesci