French Minor


The French minor program requires the completion of the lower division preparation courses (French 1-6) and a total of 24 UD units in French (6 courses, including four courses taught in French).

To view the most recent French Undergraduate Minor Requirements, please click here for a PDF.

Why pursue a French Minor?

The Department offers a variety of courses devoted to the study of major texts from every period of French history and from French-speaking countries around the world. It provides students with a sense of the key role that France has played in world history, as well as its changing place in the modern world. It also offers courses in composition, translation, Business French, and advanced grammar that prepare students to succeed in a variety of fields that require strong foreign language skills, intercultural awareness, and the ability to think critically and communicate effectively. In conjunction with the many opportunities for study abroad offered through UC's Education Abroad Program, it provides students with the skills necessary to live and work abroad.

If you are interested in pursuing a French minor, please contact our undergraduate assistant to fill out the minor application form. During the last quarter of your senior year, you will bring in an unofficial transcript so that a Departmental Clearance Form can be submitted on your behalf.