France World Cup Victory

Bienvenue! Welcome to the UCSB French Club!


For more than twenty years now, French students at UCSB have had the opportunity to improve their language knowledge by participating in various activities organized by French lecturers under the aegis of the French and Italian Department, usually on a bi-weekly basis.

The French Conversation Club allows you to improve your accent, vocabulary, or grammar with fellow learners and native speakers in a friendly context. The French Ciné Club organizes screenings of films (generally recent) in the original version with subtitles. Lastly, students who like to sing can also pousser la chansonnette in French during the French Karaoke Club sessions.

The FRIT also encourages you to join the informal "Club de français à UCSB" on Facebook to exchange with current students, alumni and lecturers of the French language program.

NB: Unfortunately, the in-person French extracurricular activities were on hiatus due to Covid, but we hope to resume our bi-weekly meetings in 2023-2024.